Who I am

I am currently a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder. Previously, I was a Postdoc in the School of Economics at the University of Queensland from 2017-2019 under the supervision of John Quiggin and L. A. Paul as part of their the ARC grant to investigate transformative experience and rational choice. I hold a PhD (Philosophy, 2017) from the University of California, Davis. 


I love talking philosophy, hanging out in the mountains, and generally having a good time. To learn more about me as a real person (cf. philosopher), go to Misc.

What I do

My research interests are broad. I spend a lot of time thinking about the mental processes we use to deliberate, evaluate our judgments, and form new ones. I view these as essentially creative acts in which we exercise our 'epistemic agency'. I am interested in both normative and descriptive questions about these processes. My research often involves the use of logico-mathematical tools to investigate these questions. However, I am a methodological pluralist and see the value of using a wide array of tools for inquiry. I am also a committed teacher interested in helping my students grow and appreciate the complexity of new ideas.